Flatmates with various backgrounds.
A share house with new encounters and discoveries.

Convenient subway access.
Comfortable common areas.
A share house for the next step of your journey.

Events, camping and road trips.
A share house that brings together people
through time shared together.


People from throughout Japan, and throughout the world,
are brought together here as family.
Understanding the value of being connected.

People from all walks of life come to stay with us.
Those who don't want to live alone,
people who have transferred to Sapporo for their job,
people way travelling the globe and people from overseas who have come to study Japanese.
It is because so many people from so many different backgrounds come to
stay with us that we have such a safe and stimulating environment.
Before you know it, you'll be right at home.


The chance to live with a whole variety of housemates

Home to individuals from all over the world, from students to entrepeneaurs and offcie works. All members are interviewed prior to moving in, guaranteeing a safe and enjoyable environement.


A thoroughly international experience

Partnered with a Japanese language school, this share house offers a great opportunity to improve your language abilitiesthrough everyday communicaiton.


Privacy and comfort

Privacy is an important consideration for anyone when choosing where to live, and this is something we were very mindful of when setting up our share houses. We also placed special consideration on creating pleasant and freely useable common spaces.


Plentiful events and a great support network

We hold regular events that help to bring our tenants together, as well as performing periodic safety checks to ensure your living experience with us is as enjoyable as possible.

Here at Ten to Ten APARTMENT you can find

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Applications possible at all times



Tenants can pick from our two
share houses to find
the one that suits their needs
and personality best.

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    Gakuen mae station

    Convenient and comfortable share house for a relaxed and cultured experience.

    A renovated company dormitory, featuring a luxurious kitchen and complete with a theater room, this location offers a more refined experience than the traditional share house. Tenants can also enjoy their time at the rooftop space which allows for parties and views of the local firework displays. Also, there are supermarkets and drugstores conveniently within walking distance.

  • 02


    Nishi juhatchome station

    Diverse share house in the popular Maruyama area.

    This share house is the largest in Sapporo and is located in the popular Maruyama area of the city. An eight floor dormitory conversion, it is now home to residents of all different nationalities, genders, professions and age groups all enjoying their time in Sapporo their way.


6 great things
about living in a share house

We have put together a list of six great reasons to experience life at one of our share houses for first time tenants.

  • All share houses conveniently located near subway stations.

  • Complete with basic furniture and amenities, our share houses reduce the initial costs of moving.

  • You can rent furniture and bedding directly from us, no fuss.

  • Our staff are also happy to help you with moving in.

  • Great for those not wanting to live alone.

  • Connect with others through parties and events.


If you're curious as to what life is like at one of our guesthouses,
as well as how the others have enjoyed their time with us then
feel free to browse the profiles of just some of our residents below.


Ten to Ten APARTMENT is fully staffed and run by our in-house team


Ten to Ten APARTMENT share houses were conceived on the ideals of allowing people to discover new outlooks on life and building lasting friendships. We think that finding a new sense of value and ways of living, along with meeting others who support and share the same goals, opens the door to new and exciting challenges in life. Of those who have been kind enough to stay with us, many have decided to start their own ventures, to challenge themselves and travel overseas, some have even married partners who they met during their time here whilst others have gone on to work with us as staff. All of them have found something here that has propelled them on to the next stage in their lives, and the ability to act as a springboard for these people as well as new businesses and services is something we take great satisfaction and pride in.

  • Tel:+81-11-205-0787
  • Mail:fc@f-commission.com

Business Overview

  • 1
    Guesthouse Ten to Ten
    Project Management
    Founded on the concept of connecting the dots and forging global connections between people and places, we have set up two guest houses in Sapporo as well as at locations in Vietnam and Africa, with the goal of creating places that bring people together regardless of nationality, throughout the world.
  • 2
    Camping Car Rental
    We developed this business based on the idea of introducing the charm and appeal of the vast island of Hokkaido to as many people as possible, allowing people to experience the beauty of Hokkaido first hand, in all four seasons.
  • 3
    Share house Ten to Ten APARTMENT Project Management
    Based in Sapporo with three distinct personalities, our share houses serve as hubs for people from all over Japan and the world to come together and connect with one another.
  • 4
    Real estate renovation ,
    Development ,
    Guesthouse Venture Support
    We specialise in the acquisition and redevelopment of unused real estate, and providing essential expertise and staffing to individuals looking to begin their own guesthouse franchise.