Share house of Sapporo


Share House Wagaya Sapporo!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • QWhat kind of documents do I need to sign the lease agreement?
  • AIn order to sign the lease agreement, you need only to sign the contract provided by Wagaya. In order to do so you need to only provide a form of current identification, such as a passport. Additionally, each share house will provide ‘house rules’ which offer guidelines for specific responsibilities for living together. Throughout your stay in a Wagaya share house we just ask that you follow the contract and the rules. If you have any questions about these at any point, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Wagaya team.
  • QWhat is the deposit?
  • AA deposit is required to secure your stay in Wagaya. On the basis that the property and furnishings are not damaged by you throughout your stay, this money will be refunded in full when you leave the accommodation. In the occasion of damage or breakages, there may be some deductions in the amount returned.
  • QDo I need a guarantor?
  • AIf you do not have a guarantor in Japan we require 2 month’s rental fee as a standard deposit (if a guarantor can be supplied this is one month’s rental fee). This amount is fully refunded when you leave the accommodation, according the the deposit rules.
  • QWhat is the minimum length of room rental?
  • AIn normal instances we offer a minimum rental contract of 6 months. In some occasions it is possible to arrange a lease for a shorter amount of time, but in this situation we do not offer a refund of the deposit. In the case of cancellation less than six months, there is also no refund of the deposit. Please talk to us directly for more information.
  • QAre there any house rules I have to abide by throughout my stay?
  • AEach share house has different rules to ensure that living together is a good experience for all residents, but these are reasonably agreed and discussed throughout the process of family (share house) meetings.