【2017年6月オープン!Ten to Ten Sapporo Station!※English below】

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はい、今回は僕達が運営している「Ten to Ten Hokkaido Hostel & Kitchen」の2号店

Ten to Ten Sapporo Station」のご紹介です~!!




ベッド数90以上、札幌最大級のゲストハウス「Ten to Ten Sapporo Station」がグランドオープンします!!



Ten to Ten Hokkaido Hostel & Kitchen」の2号店になるわけですね~



※Ten to Ten Hokkaido Hostel & Kitchenとは?






しかも今度のTen to Ten はカフェ&BARはもちろん、ガーデンテラスが併設されており、そこでは様々なイベントが行われる予定です^^










[English below]

Although it entered in April it will be disgusting because of the continuation of rain ~

When it rains it seems that the head becomes heavier by humidity.

It seems that the power of head butting will rise on rainy days! Hahaha!


So, this time we are the second shop of "Ten to Ten Hokkaido Hostel & Kitchen" we operate

"Ten to Ten Sapporo Station " is an introduction ~!!


How! On 15th June 2017 (planned), 5 minutes on foot from Sapporo station (so close !!)


Ten to Ten Sapporo Station of Sapporo's largest guest house will open grand opening more than 90!!


Ten to Ten It will become the second shop of Hokkaido Hostel & Kitchen ~


※ What is Ten to Ten Hokkaido Hostel & Kitchen?

It is a guest house with a cafe & BAR located in a place about 5 minutes' walk from Nakajima Koen Subway Station on the subway Namboku Line. (Also called hostel!)

It is a place where a lot of encounters are born, such as travelers who do not usually encounter and residents who live nearby.


Moreover, this time Ten to Ten has a cafe & BAR as well as a garden terrace, and various events will be held there ^ ^


If you come here, something interesting happens, I'm getting excited, it will be such a place.


Although information is still small now, I will introduce more and more as the openness becomes closer in the future, please check!


See you soon~